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Oh BOY! We are having a…

February 8, 2017



Sorry for the lame joke… but I’ve been pretty giddy since we found out that T2 is a girl!

Whitney was sure from the beginning that this one was a girl. He did a little research on old wive’s tails… assessed my diet and mood, and diagnosed me with a girl. Apparently a couple tells were:

  • Sick. Maybe two days after we found out we were pregnant, I got SICK. I’m still not sure it was morning sickness. It started as a nasty sinus infection, and since I couldn’t really take any medications for it, it stuck around. I was pretty nauseous, but mostly when I didn’t eat. Which, I didn’t want to eat because I couldn’t breath… which basically = miserable. I spent most of those weekends lying on the couch and eating toast. Whitney’s comment was that it was like living with someone with a constant hangover… which is pretty accurate! I think Warner got to watch every single episode of Sesame Street on Hulu. :D. Plus, since it was so early, we didn’t really want to tell people what was going on… which made things even more miserable.
  • No Meat. Actually, let me clarify: no RAW meat. Once it was cooked, I felt hungry… but there was no way I would open a package of raw meat. I constantly wanted bacon… maybe because it is technically already cooked? Or because it is just plain delicious. 😀
  • Juice. I don’t know if Whitney even picked up on this one, but I have been drinking a LOT of juice. I’m not typically a juice person, so this is definitely on odd habit for me.
  • Grumpy. Apparently moodiness is a sign of having a girl… and apparently I was (am??) moody. Sorry Whit!

Anyway, aside from a stuffy nose now and then (#toddlerlife), I feel much better. Almost… normal. Although I am 5.5 months, which puts me solidly in the second trimester, I am still waiting on that second trimester energy kick. At this point…. #mightnothappen. We will see!

While we haven’t quite figured out nursery / room arrangements, but that hasn’t stopped from pinning all things floral for baby! I know we don’t really NEED many things for her… but everything girl is so. darn. cute.


Baby Girl Inspirations:

Currently I am obsessed with:


THIS inspiration piece! Commissioned by artist Lanie Mann. I’m really loving her abstracts. I’d like to do my own version, but I have to be careful here… I was planning a large mural for Warner’s nursery… andddddd two years later the blank canvas is STILL hanging in his room. Whoops! Maybe a series of smaller canvas inspired with these colors would be more manageable.



Dangerous combination… having a girl right at the beginning of spring! I’m loving just about anything floral and baby sized at this point!

Like this poppy muslin set from Little Unicorn



And this everyday blanket from Addison Belle



I had to nab these sandals…. which is kinda silly since I know that newborns don’t REALLY need shoes… but the poms are getting to me!


More DIY Inspiration:




We are due June 7th, which feels like an eternity away! Talking with Whit about it, and I think the changes in seasons have something to do with it. It is February… which means summer feels like FOR. EVER. ER. away… which makes baby seem like forever away! I have to keep reminding myself that we are over half-way now! Just about 4 months left… which really means like 3-ish months to complete any projects. 😀

We are planning a small bathroom remodel… which is funny, since we still need to finish our upstairs bathroom (that we started before W was born…). Actually, I realized I was the hold-up on that one, but I FINALLY settled on the last bit of tile, which should be here any day now! Whitney has been working super hard on these house projects. He just finished up our basement laundry room and PANTRY. I’ll have to share some before and after pictures… after we toss out a bunch of basement junk 😉

So anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. Dreaming about florals, blazing through house projects, and pretending like we have more time than we do before T2!






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