There’s Someone New Coming to Town!

December 18, 2016

(Not so) Surprise! Announcement:

I’ve taken a little break from blogging here, because I’ve been busy sleeping, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a side of bacon.. and sleeping more. For good reason…

as many of you already know, but we are expecting Baby #2 at the beginning of June!


Naturally we are super excited, and also nervous about how a second little-person-in-charge will work… logistically. I’ve found myself Googling things like, “what’s harder, 1 or 2 kids” or “how to survive a newborn and a toddler”. :0

We are planning a home / water birth this time around (like the first). Of course, when it comes to babies.. things can certainly change! Hopefully I’ll get the details of how it all went the first time on here… before the second time happens.

New in Town

With my first pregnancy, I was anxious about the “unknown”… what’s this whole birth and newborn thing going to be like.. and can I handle it!? Now I’m anxious that things will go as smoothly as the first. I suppose it is natural to have something to dwell on.

One thing is for sure, we will be whipping up a lot of freezer and InstantPot freezer meals in advance… which means lots of recipes for you!

Warner has been obsessed with babies lately… reading to his baby (currently a burlap snoopy), giving him kisses, yelling things like, “pe-yeew baby you stink!” and my personal favorite, feeding it his current favorite food – “yogi” aka greek yogurt which is not messy at all! :0

We will find out the gender at the end of January, but until then… I’m having a really hard time NOT shopping for baby 2. All those darn Christmas sales! Although I have to admit, making a mental shopping list, I feel like we already have must of the things we will need.

Let me know- what things do you need for welcoming baby #2?



“Sharing” bacon with baby ;D

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