17 Knock-Out Kitchen Gifts For People Who Love to Cook

December 10, 2016

Apparently… Christmas is right around the corner!?

No matter how early I start Christmas shopping (I start adding ideas to my Amazon list in October!); there is someone left.. or one last gift I need to find. If that sounds like you, I’ve compiled a helpful list of top kitchen gadgets that any home cook would be thrilled to open!

In no particular order:

Easy Gifts For People Who Love to Cook:

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1. Spiralizer

Crispy shoe-string sweet potato fries, zucchini and carrot noodles. You can turn any veggie into noodles with this handy little thing. It is worth getting the one with legs (vs the handheld), to tackle more sturdy veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes. We have both, and the little handheld is basically worthless, carrots get stuck and break off, and it is too small for zucchini. This one we’ve had for years is still going strong though!



2. Instant Pot

Of course this appliance makes the list! I only use it almost everyday (sometimes twice!). If you do gift someone an Instant Pot (maybe yourself?) send them here for recipe inspiration!



3. Salt Pig / Bamboo Salt Container

I just think these are so cute! We have the bamboo style one, and totally recommend it. Way better than a salt shaker, but then again, we aren’t afraid of a little salt! Pair with this fine grain Pink Himalayan Salt for a complete gift!



4. Cast Iron Bakeware

My glass casserole pans work great, the metal ones are just okay, but my ceramic coated cast iron pan is AWESOME. When Whitney’s grandma gifted this to us a couple Christmases ago, I’m sure she though we were crazy! This thing weighs a light ton… but cleans like a DREAM. Baked on tomato stuff from last nights lasagna? No problem. I don’t even have to soak it! Any cook will be thrilled to bake with this!

I’ve got my eye on this dutch oven next.. 😉



5. Space Saving Grater

What. Excuse while I accidentally “lose” our bulky grater in the trash. Okay but seriously, where do you store a regular grater? Ours is in a basket of odds and ends kitchen bits… I certainly see upgrading to this flat one in my future!

6. Concave Cutting Board

This mini size cutting board is awesome! The bowl shape is meant to make quick work out of things like garlic and herbs. We’ve found a million more uses for it- like toddler size bites of hotdogs and grapes. 😀

7. Glass Water Bottle

I really can’t drink enough water. It is a daily struggle! I decided to bite the bullet and tote a water bottle around. I knew it had to be inexpensive, and glass. Glass because we’ve all heard the horrors of plastic leaking into your water, and inexpensive because, c’mon, its a water bottle!

So far I’m loving my bottle! Only $10, and it comes with a fabric sleeve, which I thought was silly at first. But actually, I like that I can throw it my bag and not worry about it banging into other things.



8. Yeti

This one was really for Whit. He really wanted something to keep his second pot of coffee warm on the job site (seriously- 2 pots). Plus it will be perfect for “water” on those hot summer days working in the garden. And by water, I really mean vodka lemonades! I mean, a warm, watered down vodka lemonade? Nope, nope, nope.

9. Mix and Match Pizza Stones

We do occasionally splurge on gluten-free pizzas now and then, and it can be tough to get the whole crust nice and crisp. Gluten-Free crusts are usually very thing, and these pizza stones do an amazing job of crisping up the crusts evenly!

I love this particular set because you can mix and matches sizes, for personal pizzas or family size!

10. Immersion Blender

Homemade applesauce, tomato soup and mayo… all possible because of the immersion blender. Cauliflower mashed “potatoes”, regular mashed potatoes, the list goes on! If you don’t already own one, you will be surprised at how useful this gadget is!


11. KitchenAid Mixer Attachments

If someone you love already owns a KitchenAid mixer, there are like, 20+ awesome attachments you can get for them! Don’t worry about what model they have, all the attachment hubs are the same no matter what model. (Smart KitchenAid)!

I bought Whitney the meat grinder and this awesome slicer… so he doesn’t have to struggle with our mountains of zucchini by hand.


12. Flavor God Spices

We decided to give Flavor Gods spices a try- and it is YUM. I don’t know how else to describe it. Sooooo good, way more flavorful than typical grocery store spices. Plus, they never add any additional chemical preservatives, and all the mixes even the Chocolate Doughnut, are CALORIE FREE!

Current Favorites:


Chocolate Donut (On everything else!)

You can’t go wrong with:

Starter Pack



13. Vanilla (or DIY Instant Pot Vanilla!)

Almost all vanilla sold in grocery stores is actually imitation vanilla, full of nasty chemicals and fillers. Plus, it doesn’t taste anything like real vanilla.

Fortunately, you can easily make your own! Homemade vanilla also makes great gifts, all you need is:

If you are feeling really fancy, bottle in these adorable little bottles.

Plus. Since we are getting down to the (Christmas) wire, you can totally speed up the process by making it in your Instant Pot. (Of course you can make vanilla in you Instant Pot- why wouldn’t you be able to?!)



14. Ipad Refrigerator Magnet

Do you ever stumble upon a product and are just struck by the sheer genius and simplicity? A fridge magnet that holds your Ipad? Yes, PLEASE. We have limited to counter space, so this was one of those inexpensive products that can drastically improve your life. It’s the little things, you know?




15. Espresso Machine

Along with a robot vacuum (because DOG HAIR), this was at the top of my list. 😀 I like coffee just fine, but I’m really an espresso and steamed coconut milk girl at heart. And while Starbucks can make a decent one, I’d rather save time and money by making my own! Plus, I’ve turned a blind eye to the additives in their milks and spice blends, but I know I’d be better off choosing my own ingredients.

This could be a dangerous thing to have around though.. as Whitney said, “the last thing I need is access to unlimited red eyes!”

If you are shopping for a fellow espresso shopper, check out these adorable espresso accessories:






BONUS: For Cooks with Kids:

16. ezpz Happy Mat

While this isn’t technically a cooking accessory, if your kid(s) are anything like mine, they have to be right in the action. This means samples, snacks, and “hey! don’t even think about opening a jar without letting me try it!”

Which brings us to:



17. Kitchen Helper / Learning Tower

A must for anyone with a super helpful little around! Warner loves to help cook, and he is a joy to have around while cooking. He is already an expert egg cracker! This is the perfect little stool to help keep him safe while we are cooking.






If you still have a few last minute gifts to fill- I hope this gave you some great ideas!

What about you? I would love to know what is a must have in your kitchen, or your favorite go to kitchen item to gift!


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