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Christmas Gifts For Little Kids – that Can Last A Childhood!

November 20, 2017

Toys Toys Toys!

Last year we (mostly) completed a Kon-Marie inspired purge. While it is wonderful to be rid of so much “stuff” that we (I) was hanging on to, one even better benefit is that I actually stop and consider what I’m purchasing before I purchase it.

What a crazy notion!

In the past, I’ve been guilty of buying things for reasons like: just because, it’s on sale, I like it, it looks cute, I might need this, etc, etc. While these might be perfectly valid reasons to buy something in the right circumstance, it left us with a whole lot of stuff that just wasn’t being used.

I’m not saying that I don’t make anymore rash or needless purchases, but I’ve sure cut back on them, and most purchases must pass at least a few questions, do I need this, how much will I use this, and does it spark JOY.

One area I’ve really been paying special attention to is TOYS. If we aren’t paying attention, I think most of us can agree it can be easy to suddenly be surrounded by a mountain of toys.

It can be tough (impossible!) to keep up with toy trends, so we are focusing on toys that will last (more than a couple months), and that inspire learning and play!

I absolutely love giving presents at Christmas, but it is also important to me to find gifts that the recipient will actually use and cherish.

I’ve compiled a list of toys for toddlers that will make excellent gifts, and are sure to last past Christmas 😀

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

There is a reason these magnetic tiles have almost 2000 5-star reviews on Amazon… they are AWESOME. Warner is obsessed with his set, he loves building ramps with them! It is so fun to see his creative little mind work. Careful though, he loves smashing his creations almost as much as he loves playing with them! I was hesitant to get these at first (because really, what’s the hype about) but they are excellent for little hands to build with!

Magnetic Toy Figurines

Gotta have your “guys” for all the magna-tile creations! 😀

Wavee Board, Balance – Wobble – Spin – Rock – Slide

The Wavee board is meant to inspire kids to rock, spin, slide, wobble- and whatever else they can imagine! It is made of durable heirloom quality wood, that is strong enough for adults- up to 250 pounds! This board encourages balance and indoor active play.. something we are desperately looking for during the winter months!d


Grimm’s Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker – Wooden Nesting Puzzle/Creative Building Blocks

This rainbow stacker is handmade in Germany and is a super versatile open-ended toy, with  many uses and inspires joyful imagination. It’s a stacker & puzzle, plus pieces can be used as bridges, tunnels, fences, beds & more! This toy is good for kids about 18 months.. all the way to adults. You have to read the reviews on this one- the customer images of what they’ve made out of these stackers are so creative! 


Digital Camera for Kids

Anyone else’s toddler obsessed with taking pictures? Or looking at pictures on your iphone? I can’t be the only one with 800 dark and blurry images on my camera roll. And a handful of muffled and unflattering videos. :O While I don’t think this has the life of some of the other toys I’ve listed… I’m thinking it will at least help extend the life of my own phone!



Wooden Train Track Set with Train Car by Tiny Conductors

Great wooden train set for beginners! The pieces fit easily together, and they work with most other sets if you already have one, or want to expand.



Beginner Slackline 

Strengthen balance and coordination! Love that this “toy” encourages natural movement and balance.


Blue Plastic Scooter with Handles

Aw yeah. Who remembers scooting around the elementary gym on these bad boys? Alligator, anyone?! Well you might also remember crunching your fingers during the relay race.. fortunately this scooter is upgraded with handle to avoid any finger / hand injuries!


Plan Toy Farm Animal Set

This wooden animal set is perfect for little hands! The arms and heads move independently… and the sheep even has removable wool!


B. Dr. Doctor Toy Medical Kit for Kids Pretend Play

Pretend play is super important for kid’s development. It helps  build confidence, creativity and social skills. This toy doctor’s kit encourages and strengthens children’s imagination by familiarizing them with the tools the doctor uses.


Gonge Riverstones

These indoor stepping stone look awesome! They help improve coordination and balance. And save my knees… Warner likes to play “jump on knees” so consider this fair warning if you come over for a play date! Kids love to practice jumping and hopping from stone to stone on these Gonge Riverstones.


Sarah’s Silks Enchanted Playsilk 

Playsilks are awesome for imaginative play! These playsilks are hand-dyed, and encourage play like dress-up, use as part of a back-drop, even a sling for a baby doll!


Sarah’s Silks Cherry Play Clips

Coordinating clips for playsilks- make a tent, a fort a castle… or put on a play!

Skil-Care 5′ x 5′ Crash Pad with Machine Washable Cover


Is your “please PLEASE stop jumping on the couch falling on deaf ears? Crash. Pad. Machine Washable Cover = BONUS.

Pacon White Easel Roll

Let that inner Van Gogh out! Or at least proudly display your kids latest masterpiece on paper on the wall… instead of just on the wall. 😀

Mala Tabletop Paper Holder

You know that time you left your toddler alone in the bathroom, quickly realized your mistake, and found him or her furiously unrolling the toilet paper? Let’s stop that from happening in the art room too…

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons (12 Pack) Natural, Non Toxic, Safe for Toddlers, Kids and Children, Handmade in New Zealand

First, these all natural crayons smell awesome! They are completely non-toxic… not like the smelly markers we used to live on (remember those?!)

Musical Instruments Set

A complete band in a bag! Made of extra high quality material, these musical instruments are suitable for kids 3 and up!


Hape Happy Babies Toddler Pocket Dolls 

These little pocket dolls by Hape are made of natural materials, and are the perfect addition for:


Hape All Seasons Kid’s Wooden Doll House Furnished with Accessories

Move over Barbie dream house! This doll house is made of sturdy wood and all natural finishes. The unique, open construction allows kids to access play from all angles!


Play Platoon Spider Web Tree Swing

Incredibly easy to install, and can support multiple kids (and adults!) This swing is pretty much a must!

Green Toys

Love, Love, LOVE Green Toys! Green Toys are made of 100% recycled milk jugs. They make SUPER bath toys, as well as outdoor, garden… well anywhere really!


KidKraft Sling Bookshelf

Too many books can get real messy, real fast. We rotate our books- so that every single option isn’t out there! This is much more kid friendly- easy to see and recognize the titles, and much easier for kids to put away the books too!


Grimm’s Set of 12 Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls – Wooden Pretend Play People Figures with Storage Tray

These simple little human forms are hand-crafted without a lot of detail, so children are encouraged to use their imagination. Only non-toxic, water based stains are used. Use for pretend play, counting, people in your building creations, and more!


Solid-Wood Building Blocks With Wooden Storage Tray

Classic and timeless, you really can’t go wrong with a set of wooden blocks! These are finished really nicely- no rough or sharp edges. The corners are all rounded, and it comes with a nice selection of shapes to build whatever you can dream of.


Hape Kid’s Coffee Maker Wooden Play Kitchen Set with Accessories

Ah… coffee. This is for all those times you ask your kid to make you a cup of coffee. 😀


I would love to hear your tried and true favorite toys! I know I’ve missed quite a few- what is on your Christmas list for kids this year!?


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