Bye Plastic, Buy Glass- Infinity Glass Jar Review

May 26, 2017

Where do I start? How about, “hello!” and “hey there”.. how have you been?

It’s been about… 6 months? I’m sure you’ve been busy… I sure have been! 😀 While we’ve had a few things going on the last few months (like a new baby!), I’ve missed this blog! I have lots of good stories for you (about babies!)… and some really excellent recipes (just in time for the holidays!)

But first.

Plastic. Yes, the first thing I’m going to talk about is plastic! We’ve been slowly removing our plastic containers in favor of glass or stainless ones, for a few reasons:


  • Safer. I like the way Copywriter’s Kitchen puts it: “Scientists no longer ask if toxic substances migrate from plastic to food during microwave heating. They ask how much toxins migrate.” I see it this way: external factors like heat and light break plastic down, and where do those particles go? Into your food. Glass containers aren’t susceptible to light and heat the way plastic is, and won’t leach potentially harmful chemicals into your food.
  • Tomato Sauce. I don’t care if you are Martha Stewart, once some sort of tomato based dish has been microwaved it is IMPOSSIBLE to clean. Glass containers do not retain the smells, stains, and creepy pasta sauce ring (you know what I’m talking about!) that their plastic counterparts do.
  • Tastes Better. It just does. What would you rather have: a bottle of beer, or a can of beer? Pasta sauce out of a glass jar, or cardboard carton? We might not consciously know that we are choosing this way, but we instinctively know that things just taste better out of glass.
  • Preserves food better. While I do thing our left-overs taste better, long-term food preservation greatly benefits from glass storage.


Taking glass storage to the next level, not all colors of glass are created equal. We are familiar with amber-colored beer bottles, and green for wine. This is because “amber glass  blocks UV light most efficiently, and is therefore used for beer bottles. Green glass offers moderate protection from light, and therefore is used while bottling wine and juice, which can handle some light exposure.”

We have quite a few products that come packaged in a variety of colors of glass, our olive oil is in a light amber bottle, balsamic in a green. Even products that aren’t technically food, but are ingested and need to be preserved (like oils, tinctures and essential oils) are sent in dark brown bottles. This minimizes the concern that the product will be spoiled from light rays, especially UV rays.

So, when Infinity Jars reached out to me about trying their products, I was naturally pretty curious to see what they had going on! While dark green, blue and amber glass is great, it doesn’t block ALL harmful rays.

Infinity Jars are made with super thick glass, that is specially pigmented to blog those harmful UV rays. The jars look almost black, and you cannot see the contents inside. They are light-proof, and air-tight. In fact, Infinity Jars guarantees that each one of their jars features:

  • Airtight seal
  • Ultra-violet Filtering
  • Scent-proof
  • Naturally preserve and rejuvenate freshness


I was pretty impressed with the tests on their website… in a 7 month test, a tomato showed no signs of decay (like, still red and plump!!), while a tomato in a clear glass jar had obvious signs of decay- mold and microbial growth. 

I chose three different products from Infinity Jar:

We’ve been using our Infinity Jars for months now, and so far we love them! It was especially good timing, as I needed to mix up a new batch of face wash oil (yes, you read that correctly, I was my face with oil!). I use a combination of sunflower, jojoba and castor oil… and had been keeping it in clear plastic bottle… right on the bathroom windowsill. No good! No wonder it wonder it was looking a little pale and off-color by the time I got to the bottom quarter.

The 15ml jar is the perfect size for travel I put a couple of days worth of face wash oil in it when we travel for the weekend! It is so thick and well made I really don’t worry about it breaking in transit. It would be just the right size for anyone who makes their own lip gloss or moisturizer too!

We are loving these jars so much, I plan to move all of our condiments over. They even send you labels… since the glass is so dark you can’t see inside!

Actually, the very next thing I have my eye on is this dish. I think it just looks awesome, and want to test it out with our Himalayan Salt and other spice blends to see if we can notice a difference in flavor.

You can check out the whole line of Infinity Jars on their website: They have a couple of deals happening now, including free jars with purchases of $25, $50 and $150.

Infinity Jars are also available on Amazon HERE.

There are over 1000 positive reviews on their site, and after using these jars for just a short time, I can absolutely see why! The work so well, I totally feel where this person’s dad is coming from…

(From a review on  “My dad makes jokes that I should find an 8-foot tall jar for him! 🙂 These are awesome!”


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