8 Months / 8 Weeks and Why We Are Smothering Our Garden

April 12, 2017

8 months down… 8 weeks to go! I know, pregnancy math is pretty rude. See, you actually start your 9th month at week 36, or you basically have to full-fill the entire 9th month. If that makes sense? Of course some babies want to arrive a little earlier, and some don’t 😀

We only have a couple things left to do, including:

  • Finish up drywall in the bathroom
  • Paint the bathroom
  • Install the new vanity, flooring and light fixtures.
  • Add backsplash to the kitchen
  • Install new kitchen pendant lighting, and a couple assorted drawers


  • Plant our raised beds
  • Order meat birds and layers – get them all cozy
  • Re-fence where the pigs are living
  • Pig up our next round of Berkshire pigs – get them really nice and cozy
  • Eat asparagus before said pigs arrive. Our little piggies live right in the sweet spot of our acreage, with walnuts, baby trees and our many asparagus patches at their disposal. Hopefully we get a few stalks worth before they arrive!


  • Throw away a huge pile of items in the basement and garage. Organize what’s left into… well get stuff off the floor at least.
  • Organize Whit’s new closet 😀
  • Do a mini Kon-Mari of the main floor rooms- as we get these remodel projects wrapped up. I know that a mini Kon Mari is a bit of a contradiction. After all, the whole point is to declutter in one big grab. However, between remodel projects, pregnancy and just plain life, I think some things got overlooked. Plus, I’m finding that this “discarding muscle” is like any other muscle- it needs to be worked out a bit to get stronger. That, or maybe when you are eight months pregnant you don’t care and just want to get rid of all the clutter.


  • Make some sort of freezer type meal things. I’m not a huge fan of freezer casseroles or freezer meals in general, but I’m hoping to have some ingredients organized and ready to be tossed in the Instant Pot! I’m really looking forward to a summer of fresh salads and fruits, so I’m just planning to get some meat ready in individual sized portions for quick meals!
  • Major grocery haul. That being said, I order most of our pantry items online, and I know I’ll get the urge to stock up before W2 arrives. I also have no interest in taking  a newborn and a two year old to the grocery store, so I’m sure I’ll stuff our freezer and new pantry full of anything that can be stored!


  • Get some baby stuff ready! I’ve washed and put away all of Wren’s new clothes, but I need to gather up that baby supply stuff.. diapers, wipes, and the bassinet!
  • Add some nursery decor. The walls are almost bare! I have a couple projects pinned, and if they happen, yay! If not, I doubt anyone will complain 😀
  • Kon-Mari Warner’s clothes… and toys. I’d like to sort through Warner’s baby clothes so that is done and out of the way! I’m also reading everything I can about Kon-Mari, Minimalism, Montessori and how those all relate to TOYS.
  • Do a little maternity / post-partumn shopping! I’m thinking linen shorts and target boyfriend tees. Moms who have had summer babies.. what did you wear all summer!? Bonus if you send me new-mom friendly swimsuit ideas!


  • Celebrate Mother’s Day.. and my BIRTHDAY! I’ll be almost 38 weeks pregnant on my 30th birthday… which obviously means ice cream. And a watermelon. Likely some sort of french fries.


  • I also need to prep at work for leave, write a few blog posts for TWA, and wrap up a couple freelance projects.


  • And I can’t forget to GET A PEDICURE. Ask Whitney, that was maybe my biggest complaint with Warner’s birth, that I had to spend the entire labor and weeks after looking at my pitiful, chipped and neglected toenails.


That’s a total reasonable to-do list for the next 8 weeks… right!?


We are trying something new with the garden this year… smothering. Every year, Whit tills ups the beds, and religiously pulls weeds… till about mid-July. When the tomato plants get tall enough, we have a bad habit of just letting things fend for themselves.. so to speak.

The main reasons for the obnoxious amount of weeds that we are still dealing with are:

  1. Tilling doesn’t kill the roots. Grass is a pretty pesky thing, unless you physically remove or kill the ENTIRE root, well, you are really just chopping it up into lots of baby roots!
  2. Mowing. Often we let the grass and weeds get too high around the beds, so when Whit mows and weed-eats, he basically just shoots weed seeds into the raised beds. Not ideal… but neither is stepping on pricklies when you are harvesting green beans.

Sure, some of the problem could be managed by more consistent mowing and constant weeding, but c’mon. We are going to have a toddler, a newborn, an assortment of farm animals, and a mowing route to take care of. Plus, Whitney has been working hard at his parent’s lake cabin (which is GORGEOUS), so we have to spend a little time up there. 😀 What I’m saying is… pulling weeds is pretty far down on the list, so it routinely gets, well frankly not done.

So back to this year, and the smothering.

In an effort to follow the path of least resistance, Whit has found a (hopefully) genius little plan. I’m sure it will be quite familiar to some.

Basically, Whit covered our raised beds with heavy plastic, in order to, as he put it: “nuke the life out of the weeds”. The plastic lays right on top of the beds and the pathways, and the hope is that the beating April and May sun will burn up / smother / nuke any form of plant life below.


First, some credit has to go to the goats. We had them penned in the garden area over the winter, and they have done a heck of a job eating all the giant plant skeletons we carelessly left behind last fall.

Thanks goats!!

Besides weeds, we have another problem: ground squirrels. These little jerks are burrowing all around our yard, and clearly have their sights set on our delicious garden.

I did witness Pickles actually catching (and possibly eat??) one… but there are so, so many more. Our sweet Barkley tries, but he will never catch one. Whitney has talked about going full metal Caddyshack on these dudes, from garden hose to shotgun. If anyone has brilliant ground squirrel catching techniques… PLEASE SHARE!


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