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6 Month Bumpdate (We Picked a Name) & What’s Ahead for These Wild Acres

March 5, 2017

That’s quite the title I’ve assigned to this post! It isn’t very SEO friendly… but it’s accurate!


What’s Ahead


Over the past ten years, I’ve started an EMBARRASSING amount of personal blogs. Blogspot? Have a couple of those. I’ve got like 10. I won’t link to them or give you hints to their names… should you get the wild hair to Google and find them, I would be completely mortified.

It took me that long to get it together and start a real personal website- These Wild Acres.

While I haven’t been here that long… less than a year actually, I’ve got some really fun plans to grow this little site!

Most of my posts so far have been recipes, specifically ones geared towards the worlds greatest kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot. While I love cooking, and love taking pictures of food even more (weirdo!), I don’t want this site to be just recipes- we’ve got wayyyyyyyy more going on than that!



Hey goats! Drink your water goats!

Future Posts for These Wild Acres:

          Acreage stuff!


Whitney has been busy busy with inside remodels, but we are dreaming of the time when we can get outside and work on projects! – Most of you know we raised our first crop (is that the right word??) of Berkshire Hogs, and are excited for another round this spring!

We will do a couple rounds of meat birds, and restart with our laying hens again. I’m not sure we will have time to add ducks, but knowing how delicious duck eggs are….. We also added 3 goats last summer, and are planning to dive into the world of goat matchmaking this fall.

We feel passionate about raising our food, but that is rarely easy! Hopefully you can avoid our mistakes… or commiserate when things go awry! And of course celebrate #farmwins :D. When I started this site last fall, and didn’t really have a chance to post much farm stuff, so I hope you are looking forward to those updates as much as I am!


Kid stuff!

Obvi baby 2 is on the way… and W just celebrated his second birthday. While this certainly doesn’t qualify us any sort of parenting experts, we’ve learned a lot the past two years, and with this addition, will only be learning more. Kids take up the majority of our lives right now… so it only makes sense that those experiences will spill over here!

Momlife Stuff! While kids are running our lives… I’m still a person here too!


Health Stuff.

Hey! You probably know this… but *I am not a doctor*. I just do a lot of research, and am just plain FASCINATED by the connection between our health, what we eat, and our environment. Don’t get me wrong, modern medicine is pretty amazing… but so are our bodies!



So what can you expect from These Wild Acres in the next few months?

Well recipes of course. I’ll never give up my Instant Pot, and we love cooking! You can also expect to see more of the above! To help keep me accountable, I’m going to get a little more specific about what I have planned for the near-ish future:


More diverse posts (see above!)


KonMari  If you follow me on Instagram… we’ve jumped on the joy-sparking band-wagon. If you know me from my college days, you know that I’ve got some baggage. Thankfully Whitney is a toss now, worry later type of person. He’s also really good at recognizing what I might value, and between trips to the giant burn hole has been thoughtful piling things I may want to hang on to in our basement.

It is my goal to have the process completed by the time B2 is here… which means do it now! It is so against my default state of mind, but so far I am LOVING the clarity… and the process!


My own cookbooks! It’s easier than ever to self publish… whatever you want to create! I’ve got a long list of short cookbooks, I’d like to create. Initially these will be short, with maybe 10-15 recipes that are related to a specific type, event or holiday. A hint for the first one I’m working on: I’ve been longing for SUMMER since… November… and summer means SALADS. And salads need dressings… ;D


Start a Blog series. Like I mentioned… I basically have ten years worth of try and fail experiences stored up. 😀  When I first started… I made TONS of rookie mistakes (… and still do… ), like… I didn’t even know that there was a difference between and (And if you don’t either, don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!).

It may seems like *everyone* has a blog, and what could you possibly add to the conversation? Well, everyone has their own story, and their own way of telling it. Even if you do have a similar experience as another blogger, your style might just resonate better with a particular reader.

From personal experience, you can definitely get side-tracked or even stuck along the way, so I’m excited to share simple methods and step-by-step instructions to get started blogging.


Art things. I used to doodle all the time… I even went to school for it! It is so fun now that W is a little older, I’m thrilled to start art projects with him, but I’m also hoping to squeeze a couple of my own projects in at the same time.


Oh! And we are also having a baby… so large interruptions in our regular schedule are to be expected ;D

Whew! That’s more than plenty for now, and if I accomplish (or even half) all this in 2017, well I’ll be pretty dang proud!


Hey! Thanks for sticking with me this far. I needed to brain dump for a second! Now for the really REALLY good stuff: BABY.



This shirt did button at one time…

6.5 Month Bumpdate


Alright, so I’m actually weeks, which is really more like six and half months, but let’s not get crazy. We’ve got plenty of things to get done before she gets here… no need to rush!

Feeling really pretty good, and enjoying lots of kicks and movement! This is the best time, IMO, because baby has some room to swim, so I can enjoy little kicks. I know in a month (or sooner), the kicks will turn vicious, and no rib, spleen or bladder will be safe from baby heel strikes! :0

Mentally, this round has been tougher. I really didn’t feel well the first few months, which resulted in a lot of Elmo on TV and almond butter sandwiches.


Now I’m feeling pretty normal, well, as normal as a person with a 10 pound front hump can feel. However, I’m just tired, all the time. When Warner goes down around 7:45… I often do to. Between our dark and cold climate (Hello midwestern winter!), and being awake less than 12 hours a day… well that’s hard. I constantly want to work or feel like I should be working / doing so many other things… and then I end up asleep. Or practically asleep. Then I wake up in the middle of the night, contemplating if I should get up and work on my neglected to-do list, or try to shut my brain down.

I’m trying to remember that this isn’t a sprint, and that not everything has to be done today. Honestly, what would happen if I completed my to do list anyway? I’d just fill a new list up for tomorrow 😀 A large part of the reason I started KonMari was to declutter more than just physical things, I’m hoping some mental things end up in the burn pile as well!

Hey! You’re still here! Alright! I’ll get to the REALLY good stuff:


We picked a name!*

Naturally, people have inquired about a name. I’ve been sort of shy to tell, and I’m really not sure why. Warner is a family name, and we pretty much knew from day 1 that our first kid, boy or girl, was going to be named Warner. We had a couple other names on deck… but they were really boy names.

We actually picked this name out for a girl, if we decided Warner wasn’t going to fly. It has no family significance or real meaning, other than I just fell in love with it then… and it has just stuck around.

Baby 2 will be: Wren

*Of course we reserve the right to change our minds at any time. 😀

Now, Miss Wren needs a good middle name… so if you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them!





If you scrolled all the way down just to read the name we picked- I don’t blame you! But let me just sum up: good things are happening, and I hope you stick around to see them!


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  • Iesha Toft March 8, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Love the name you two! Congratulations on everything! Excited to see more posts! 💙

    • Amy March 9, 2017 at 7:08 am

      Yay! Thank you so much! 😀